The Y is committed to becoming an anti-racist, multicultural organization - an organization that intentionally promotes inclusion in all aspects, ensures and sustains diverse representation in our leadership and leads social change in our communities through anti-racist policies, words and actions.

Working towards advancing equity is a collective effort that requires individual, organizational, and societal change. There is no Equity without action. Equity is an outcome of intentional and community-driven diversity, inclusion and global engagement work towards systemic change. We commit that the work of becoming an Anti-Racist and Equitable organization will take ALL of us - including Allies, DIG leaders and Black, Brown, Indigenous people working together so no one group shoulders the burden alone. As we advance as a multi-cultural organization, we are committed to uplifting all dimensions of diversity.

The committee strives to advance equity on three levels: Alliance, Organizational and Staff. Sub-committees are working in each of these three areas to support individual staff members, help lead organization change, and guide the Alliance in becoming an anti-racist, multicultural organization.


Join members of the Anti-Racism and Equity Committee the 4th Thursday of the month at 2:00 pm via Zoom. A brave space encourages Y professionals to take risks, challenge themselves, and confront uncomfortable truths in order to foster learning, growth, and understanding. A brave space is inclusive to all races, sexes, genders, abilities, immigration status, and lived experiences. All are invited to participate.



The Illinois State Alliance of YMCAs has allocated funding to support local Y associations in their Anti-Racism & DEI efforts. These funds are meant to support an Association’s current Anti-Racism/DEI plan, not as a ‘one-off’ event. Suggested activities could involve speakers and trainers for staff or the community, leadership assessments (such as IDI – Intercultural Development Inventory) for staff or board members, and Board development. Again, these are just suggestions, but the activity will need to be tied to your Association’s Anti-Racism/DEI plan. Awards available are anticipated as being $500 - $1,000 per application.

Applications will be reviewed by the Statewide sub-committee and approved by the Anti-Racism and Equity committee. Note – you will be asked to submit your Anti-Racism/DEI plan for your association. Once your activity is complete, you will be asked to provide applicable receipts up to the amount awarded and a brief report outlining the following:

  • Who / how many were involved in the activity?
  • How would you rate the value of the activity & why you are rating it that way?
  • How will this activity advance your Y's DEI plan and what are your next steps to build on this activity?

To apply, please complete the application below:

YMCA Association Name *

Applicant Information

If you are not the Association’s CEO, please indicate here that your CEO is aware and has approved this application.

Activity Information

What is the date(s) of this activity?

What is the location of this activity?
If applicable (speaker / event), are you open to inviting other YMCAs to your activity?

If applicable (speaker / event), are you open to inviting other YMCAs to your activity?


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