The Illinois State Alliance of YMCAs offers scholarships for leadership development opportunities to Y staff in Illinois to help grow Y capacity.  We have revised the scholarship policy to encourage as many Ys as possible to utilize these funds.

New Deadline:  In order to focus, Y staff and leadership on applying for these funds, the Alliance Scholarship Fund will have two deadlines for application for scholarships each year: Feb 1 and August 1.  You are able to apply for scholarship for trainings/conferences occurring within 12 months after each deadline.

Scholarship Funding Opportunity:  Priority for scholarship funding will be for State Alliance, Neighborhood and Y-USA events and trainings.  Stipends are also awarded to staff pursing baccalaureate degrees and non-YMCA training.

Scholarship Limits: Each applicant from a Y in good standing with the Alliance can apply for up to $300 in scholarship funding for registration fees and travel.  Please note, priority will be given to staff for Ys that have not yet received scholarships that year and first time applicants.


Applying for Scholarship Funds
Please read the following information carefully BEFORE applying for Scholarship funds from the Alliance. All requests for funds must be submitted prior to the event.

Who’s eligible to receive funding from the Illinois State Alliance of YMCAs Scholarship Fund?
Any local Y staff member, part-time or full-time, exempt or non-exempt employee from a Illinois State Alliance Y in good standing, which does include the Y being up to date on dues.

Can I receive financial assistance from Y-USA’s Online Grant System and apply for funding from the Illinois State Alliance of YMCAs Scholarship Fund?
No, as the resources we have to dispense are limited, we need to allocate as much financial assistance as we can across the State.  If this is a Y-USA training and or event, you must provide documentation that you have been denied funding from Y-USA’s Online Grant System.

What type of training is granted?
Priority funding will be given for State Alliance, Neighborhood and Y-USA events and trainings including the Fall Staff Rally, Executive Retreat, Y-USA and regional professional development trainings that can be applied towards Y-USA leadership certifications.  Stipends are also awarded to staff pursing baccalaureate degrees and non-YMCA training.

How much is granted?
Scholarships will be given up to $300 depending on available funds.  For YMCAs that can demonstrate financial need as well as a case for professional development, additional funds could be awarded based on availability.

How do I begin the process of applying for funds?
Have a conversation with your supervisor, Executive Director or CEO in regards to your professional development and identify the need for additional training and/or skill sets that will further the individuals skill sets and professional development. A professional development plan must be in place before applying for funds.

What is a professional development plan?

Your request for assistance should reflect how the planned training or event will support your development as indicated in your Leadership Competency Assessment in combination with an individualized gap report which reflects where you are on the path to leadership certification as a Team Leader, Multi-Team Leader or Organizational Leader. Both of these tools are available on the YUSA Learning & Career Development Center (LCDC) website and should have been completed and reviewed with your supervisor within the past 12 months.   A career planning tool is to assist you and your supervisor can be found  on Exchange under My Career or follow this link:

Once I have been approved for scholarship, how do I get reimbursed for the training?
Scan your documentation (payment of training, proof of attendance and or certification issued) and email them to  Reimbursements are mailed within 30 days of receipt of documentation.

I still have more questions.  Who can I contact?
Contact Christy Filby at or 309-798-3423.

Alliance Scholarship ONLINE FORM Request


 Full-Time Staff Part-Time Staff
 Leader Team Leader Multi-Team or Branch Leader Organizational Leader


 Yes No Proof of a professional development plan may be required.
 Yes No


The Alliance Scholarship Fund provides scholarships up to $300 to cover registration fees and travel. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis based on financial need of the YMCA Association.



I have discussed this application with my supervisor (or CVO if CEO) and they have granted permission for application of funding assistance. I also attest that I have a professional development plan in place that furthers my career development and I have not received financial assistance from Y-USA (YMCA of the USA). All information submitted on this application is accurate.

If you have questions, please contact Christy Filby at or 872-802-4177.